Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get with a certificate?

Aside from the series of skills you will acquire from the courses you took leading to your certificate, you also receive an official certification from the UNC which you can use to enhance your professional profile during job applications and promotions.

What do I get if I finish a program?

Once you satisfied all the requirements for your program, you will receive a Diploma, Official Transcript of Records, and Certificate of Graduation. Most importantly: you will have new set of skills that you can apply at work, or in future jobs that is worth celebrating!

What are the graduation requirements?

To be considered graduate, you must satisfy all the academic requirements of your program. You must also settle your financial obligations with the university.

How will I receive my diploma and an official transcript of records?

Request for credentials such as diploma and official transcript of records can be done ONSITE or ONLINE. You can email our University Registrar through [email protected] to request for further details about obtaining a copy of your credentials.