The University of Nueva Caceres Research Center shall be a leading institution in mobilizing stakeholders to find creative solutions in sustaining communities for a better tomorrow for all.


Breaking boundaries
Crossing frontiers
Enlarging territories
Expanding horizons
Exploring possibilities
Conquering limitations
Making opportunities
Building bridges
Spreading wings
Blazing trails
Writing history
Fulfilling destiny
All in the name of bringing education
And leaving a legacy.       

–F.T. Natividad          

Nueva Caceres Review

Research is the most formidable way to develop the quality of instruction and service to our fellows in the community. It breaks boundaries, builds bridges and creates legacies.


Volume XXXIV 2019

Through research, teachers go out of the box. They gain the courage and wisdom of exploration and experimentation. They attempt to use new pedagogies; they learn, unlearn and relearn the methods of teaching.


Vol XXXIII 2018

We acknowledge the strength of togetherness and we bear in mind that “it is good to be brilliant, but there will always be situations at which we we’ll do poorly and someone else does well.”


Vol XXXII 2017

The University of Nueva Caceres Research Office has taken the nature of a Phoenix. With the coming of AC Education as its university major stockholder, it has metamorphosed and now is led by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.


Vol XXXI 2016

Through research, we leave a mark, we blaze a trail. We inspire people, that despite the odds, we continuously thrive as a group of
academicians, who do not only care for ourselves, but for our community. We create a legacy, one at a time.

Editor’s Note

I am thrilled to introduce the first CONCUR Multidisciplinary Research Journal. This journal aims to disseminate the findings of original research papers through publication from the member schools of the Consortium of Non-Sectarian Colleges and Universities for Research and other interested scholars and researchers.

As such, the Consortium of Non-sectarian Colleges and Universities aspires to make this journal an avenue of development in adult education and other educational trends such as global citizenship and education of indigenous people. Each issue may contain opinion pieces, critical reviews, research abstracts and fulllength papers. All types of papers will be subject to review.

Any paper that you wish to submit either individually or collaboratively, are much appreciated and will make a substantial contribution to the early development and success of the journal. Best wishes and thank you in advance for your contribution to the CONCUR Multidisciplinary Research Journal.

Romeo M. Sumayo, Jr., PhD
Interim Director, CONCUR
Interim Editor, CONCUR Multidisciplinary Journal
University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City
J Hernandez Avenue, Naga City
Tel: 054-473-6100 local 119
Email: [email protected]